Juniors Program


If you are 12-17 years old, are a member of 4-H or FFA, and do not currently own a Normande animal you are eligible to enter the program. If you are chosen the winner you will be awarded the ownership of a Normande heifer at the National Normande Show in September.

Prior to the 2015 NANA National Show the winner will be chosen and he/she will have the privilege of taking home a registered Normande heifer to raise and show. The ownership of the heifer will be transferred to their name. To enter the program a young person must submit signed agreements and an essay (no more than 425 words) titled “Why I Want To Own A Normande Heifer”. The NANA Junior Heifer Program rules, applications, and stipulations are listed below. Applications must be submitted to the NANA office by 07-31-17, and the winner will be expected to pick up their heifer at the National Show in Mineral Point, WI, in September of 2017. If applicants have any questions please call the NANA office (608-943-6091 or 800-573-6254).


The purpose of this contest is to encourage the growth and development of Normande Cattle breeders through 4-H and FFA projects and programs.

Through this program one registered Normande Beef or one Normande Dairy heifer calf will be awarded to a winning applicant. The winning applicant will also be awarded one year of free membership to NANA as a Junior Member. Current NANA Junior Members who do not presently own any Normande cattle are eligible to participate. A contestant can win only one heifer during their 4-H or FFA career. Once a contestant is awarded a heifer they are not eligible to apply again. Applicants not chosen to receive a heifer in the year they apply are eligible to apply in another year, as long as the age requirements are met.

Applicants can be male or female, and must be 12-17 years of age. We encourage the person to be active in either 4-H or FFA. The winner of the heifer must compete in at least two cattle shows per year. The two cattle shows must include their local county fair and the annual National Normande Show. The winner is encouraged to show in other cattle shows, but it is not required beyond the two specified shows. Applicants essay must be in their handwriting and must be accompanied by a completed Parental Consent Form.

Each applicant’s entry will be judged on the applicant’s need for help in getting started with Normande Cattle, neatness and completeness of the application and essay, ability to provide a good home for the calf, and the desire of the applicant as expressed in his or her essay. The title of the essay will be “Why I Want to Own a Normande Heifer.” The essay shall not exceed 425 words. To apply simply use the entry form below. If additional forms are needed you can make additional copies, but copies must not be altered in any way from the application below. All applications must be submitted to the NANA office and be post marked no later than July 31, 2017.


1. Adequate facilities for the care of the heifer must be provided.

2. The responsibility for the daily care of the heifer must be accepted by the recipient and his/her family.

3. The recipient and his/her family must be capable of handling all expenses (veterinary, breeding, feed, housing, transportation, etc) that occur with ownership of an animal.

4. The recipient must show his/her heifer for two years at their local county fair and the National Normande Show.

5. The recipient must breed his/her heifer to a registered Normande bull.

6. The recipient must register their heifer’s first calf with NANA if the calf is a heifer.

7. The recipient must be open to a NANA representative checking on the welfare of the heifer if requested by NANA.

8. The recipient must submit photos and a yearly summary of their activities with the heifer for two years. The photos and summary may be used in NANA.s newsletter.

9. The recipient must be willing to promote the Normande breed and this program to others.

10. The recipient and his/her family must be willing to commit themselves to the two year length of this program.

11. The recipient is encouraged to pay the dues for NANA membership in the second year of the program.

12. NANA reserves the right to reclaim the animal if deemed necessary due to the recipient not complying with the above requirements.

(PDF print version here)


In your essay please answer the following questions:

1. Tell us why you would like to participate in this program. What are your goals and where do you see this project taking you?

2. Tell us how you would be able to promote this project and the Normande breed within your state and community.

3. Describe your home farm and what your responsibilities there are.

4. If you were awarded a calf, describe how you would care for it, where you would keep it, and how you would feed it.

5. What organizations do you participate in and what positions of leadership have you held?